Bootrails agency license

David Boureau

The license apply for one company, you can create as many apps as you want, you always have access to the last version of Bootrails.

Bootrails helps you to launch your business idea, using your Ruby-on-Rails skills.

A regular, default Rails comes with :

  • No authentication

  • No authorization

  • No way to edit HTML

  • No admin

  • No blog

  • No UI Design

  • No test example

  • No Continuous Integration

This is annoying because any classic web application need these very classic features. Which mean you will loose time and energy to make choices that do not have much value (if any).

What will you get ?

A boring, standard Ruby-on-Rails application. We tried to make the code as "plain Rails" as possible. But instead of an empty app, you start from an app with this basic features you can then customise :

  • Authentication with Rodauth, a far more flexible (and easier to use) alternative to Clearance or Devise.

  • Authorization with action_policy, it's like pundit but more advanced.

  • An admin backend, without any external gem

  • A way to edit HTML pages

  • A blog with categories

  • UI Design of all classic pages : pricing page, about page, etc

  • JavaScript testing, Unit testing, controller testing, and e2e testing

  • Full working continuous integration through CircleCI

  • Fully working, production-ready Ruby-on-Rails application.

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  • Fully working, production-ready Ruby-on-Rails application.
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Bootrails agency license

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